Children Gather On The Beach For Powerful Tribute Performance That's Touching Hearts Worldwide
Garth Brooks Distracted By Woman Waving Sign, He Reads It And Immediately Walks Off Stage
Audience Skeptical As Mike Rowe Joins Barbershop, Then He Opens His Mouth And They Lose It
Teen Evie Clair Covers "I Try" In Tear-Jerking Performance On America's Got Talent
Chase Goehring Gets Golden Buzzer From DJ Khaled On AGT For Singing An Original Song
Young Girl Joins Street Performer To Sing 'Ave Maria.' When She Opens Her Mouth, Instant Chills
This Happens When You Love The Beatles And Death Metal
African School Girl Sings Beyonce's "Halo", Steals Whole Attention
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Tired Of Despacito? This Metal Cover Is Totally Next Level...
Trio's Moving Performance Of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Leaves Not A Dry Eye In The Show
Linkin Park Releases 'Talking To Myself' Music Video Hours Before Chester's Death
9-Year-Old Blows Judges Away On America's Got Talent, Earns A Golden Buzzer
He Wanted To Play Solos Like Slash But His Parents Made Him Learn The Piano
He Sings For His Dead Brother, Brings All The Judges To Tears With His Own Song
Subway Singer Stuns Crowd With "Unchained Melody" On America's Got Talent
Millions Of People Are Overwhelmed When Bon Jovi Sings "Hallelujah" Like This...
13-Year-Old Singer Angelina Green Impresses All The Judges On AGT, Gets Golden Buzzer
He Tragically Passed Away One Month Ago, This Is His Performance From America's Got Talent
6 Men Use Only Their Voices To Deliver Outstanding Version Of Song Everybody Knows

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